"That We May Live Together"

September 20, 2018
“…the call was still there. What did it sound like? Something like: “Step out. Serve abroad. I have plans for you.” This is the call Mission Volunteers Adam and Colleen Bookter-Darragh (Louisiana Conference) felt pulling them towards an opportunity to serve as long-term volunteers with the United Methodist Church through Global Ministries.

They are currently serving at Asian Rural Institute, the first of three placements they will serve over the next year.
That we may live together” is the mission statement for Asian Rural Institute, a Christian agricultural institute founded to train farmers in sustainable farming practices. Farmers are equipped and empowered to implement these sustainable practices in their home communities.

Volunteers and students are also invited to be a part of an intentional community of international volunteers and students focused on interfaith dialogue and peace.
In their first few weeks at ARI, Colleen and Adam have participated in the routines of life and training through leading worship, preparing meals for volunteers, and by working with the animals at ARI.

About their decision to join Mission Volunteers Adam and Colleen said, “We’re stepping out, as United Methodist Mission Volunteers, to serve in three different countries, in three wildly different types of ministry, and wildly different contexts. We’re thrilled to serve in accompaniment with United Methodist ministries worldwide in cultures very different from our own, and yet where God has been active since the dawn of time.”
As Mission Volunteers, Adam and Colleen will have the opportunity to come alongside the work being done at ARI by engaging in an international Christian community and by gaining and developing new skills.

They will use the training they received as Mission Volunteers to engage in a new culture, by partnering with existing ministries, and by sharing their passion for the church.
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