Shift Happens

November 08, 2021

Shift Happens: Doing Ministry from the "Right Side" is no ordinary conference.  It is a clarion call for the Black Church, Leaders, and Lay to GET ON BOARD with the NEW THING GOD IS DOING! 

For 2 days, you will be inspired and experience transformative and practical teachings to help you and your team plan for 2022 and beyond.  

You can participate either virtually or in person at the St. Johns Downtown in Houston, Texas.  

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Participating in SHIFT HAPPENS:
Doing Ministry from the "Right Side" Will Teach You How: 


  • To create a practical and engaging experience for an inter-generational audience to gain relevant tools to do effective ministry post-pandemic.

  • To demonstrate through real-time ministry experiences how to see all the people God is calling us to reach.

  • To model how to embrace, support, and cultivate new voices, new generations for the new thing God is doing in the Black Church.

  • To gather to celebrate what God has done through SBC21 for 25 years.

  • To demonstrate solidarity among Blacks in the UMC, and hear from key leaders who are up close and personal to discuss what an inevitable split of the UMC church means for the Black Church and Black United Methodist.

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