Serena Eckert Joins the Office of Congregational Development and Transformation

June 13, 2019
The Louisiana Conference is excited to announce that Serena Eckert will be joining the Office of Congregational Development and Transformation as the Program Coordinator.

Eckert brings experience in coaching and consulting in church transformation work with many conferences, including the Louisiana conference.

"She will be an invaluable part of the team," says Rev. Gloria Fowler, Director of the Office of Congregational Development and Transformation. "We are so excited and look forward to having her officially join the team. Over the past two years, she has helped our office in various capacities and her skill sets are a perfect fit for the transformative work we continue to provide for the Louisiana Conference." 

The Office of Congregational Development and Transformation is thankful for the generous support from the United Methodist Foundation of Louisiana which helped bring Eckert on board. 

Eckert, a layperson who has been dedicated to her local congregation and the work of the conference, has served as the Director of Caring, Community, and Mission Ministries for a decade at Faith United Methodist Church in Denton, TX, which was a new church start when she began with them.

She has also served in many conference positions such as conference secretary of Global Ministries and in the North Texas Conference jurisdictional reserve delegation.

As a young adult, she was introduced to Jesus and lived into a life-changing relationship with Him through the invitational and welcoming embrace of a local United Methodist congregation.

“Now, as a not-so-young adult, I am humbled by opportunities to leverage the personal and the professional experiences of my life to carry out the calling God has placed on my heart," she says. "I look forward to helping congregations boldly live into their disciple-making, world-transforming purpose.”

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