See All the People

January 03, 2018
Discipleship Ministries believes that for too long The United Methodist Church has looked for a quick fix to help guide our discipleship efforts. Therefore, we are called to be in relationship with the communities that surround our churches. We are called to recapture a spirit of movement. We must shift our thinking from fixing churches to true discipleship. We encourage you to watch this video and learn more about #SeeAllThePeople.

The Intentional Discipleship System Questions Booklet was designed as an additional tool to be used by church leaders, educators, clergy, and laity to enhance the development of intentional discipleship.

We encourage the use of the questions alongside the book, Developing an Intentional Discipleship System: A Guide for Congregations to inspire further conversation. There are no wrong or right answers to these questions. The goal is to open up a dialogue to stimulate change in our relationships, our communities, our churches, and in the hearts of all God’s people. The questions can also be used in a new-member class setting to help develop strong individual disciples and foster their accountability to other disciples.

The questions are sorted by Congregation, Personal Evaluation, Discipleship Systems, and Questions Related Directly to the book stated above by Junius Dotson. They can be used as part of a year-long educational exploration in small groups, or in a congregational setting to deepen the spiritual evaluation and growth of the people in the pews.

Feel free to discover your own, uniquely personal ways to use these intentional questions and continue the conversation as we strive to #SEEALLTHEPEOPLE that God calls us to reach!
P.S.  Don’t forget to share your stories by simply using the hashtag #SeeAllThePeople.

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