Moss Bluff UMC boasts all ages in UMW group

January 12, 2016
Moss Bluff United Methodist Church knows that the membership of their United Methodist Women’s group is unique in many ways—especially when it comes to the age range of its members.
“Thanks to the efforts of our members, youth director and faithful moms, we have active members from teens to octogenarians. Everyone participates in our UMW programs, projects, social events and circle meetings,” said Carolyn Langley, Education and Interpretation Chair. 
It has been the church’s goal for five years to mentor and encourage young women in the church family to participate in UMW, added Langley. “As a teacher, I taught several of the young ladies Kindergarten--and Sunday School, as well. All seven of our teens are active in Fusion, our youth group. Our newest members are Yvette Staples and her daughter, Rachael, from Johannesburg, South Africa. 
Pictured here are members of the group during a luncheon that was part of their UMW Sunday celebration. Christel Guins, youth director, spoke during the event on the subject of “compassion.” Pictured are, front row, Sally Matson, Ouida Smith, Anne Fields (UMW President), Nell Scott and Hilda Davis; middle row, Rachael Staples, Lane English, Bryn English, Michelle Zimmerman, Hannah Zimmerman, Skylar McCain, Lisa Ford and Carolyn Langley; and top row, Linda Miller, Yvette Staples, Elyse Miller, Laura Zettlemoyer, Mallory Black, Kathy Farrar and Guins. Not pictured in the group are Jennifer Black and Ginny Hebert.
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