New Life Community Church hosts Pokemon refreshment break on church grounds

July 23, 2016
As part of their continued effort to engage with the community and draw in people from all walks of life, New Life Community Church, the joint ministry of Luling United Methodist and First Union Presbyterian, recently hosted a “Pokémon Refreshment Break” on church grounds to invite and welcome folks from around the community who have been playing Pokémon Go, the newest game craze that has adults and children all over the country walking and driving around their communities playing the game.

The church is designated as a “Pokéstop” by the game developers, meaning players can stop by the church to collect supplies needed to play the game. Recently, church members set up on the front lawn and served free drinks, candy and other snacks to anyone who showed up. Three varieties of drinks were served representing the three different teams that players can join in the game (red, yellow, or blue); the bottles were labeled with team names. The event was advertised via the church’s Facebook page and within about 30 minutes after setting up, there were at least 25 people walking around playing the game and enjoying snacks and refreshments provided by the church; more kept coming as the evening progressed.

While visitors were at the church, members had the opportunity to engage in conversation with them, share information with them on the church ministries and invite them to come back for worship or youth group activities. 
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