New and Relevant Resources from the United Methodist Publishing House

November 09, 2023

This is a dynamic moment in the life of The United Methodist Church—a time of remembering, reaffirming, and renewing.

The United Methodist Publishing House (Abingdon Press & Cokesbury) is offering a new collection of relevant resources to inform and encourage clergy and laity as we draw from the deep well of our tradition and step forward with confidence and hope.

These titles give congregational leaders fresh ways to explore and teach United Methodist identity and practice. In addition, watch for a new online Wesleyan/UMC digital space starting January 2024 with curated recommendations of resources that highlight United Methodist Christian formation.



Unrelenting Grace: A United Methodist Way of Life

by Kenneth H. Carter Jr., Abingdon Press, 2023

A way of life: embracing grace, seeking holiness, building connections. Shows how we come together and embrace grace, seek holiness, and build meaningful connections. Unrelenting Grace evokes insights and courage to overcome feelings of isolation, loneliness, and alienation, prompting readers to rediscover, redefine, and reclaim the power of grace, holiness, and connection.

Multiplying Love: A Vision of United Methodist Life Together

by Paul W. Chilcote, Abingdon Press, 2023

A vision of United Methodist life together. Our faith (including doctrine) is important; Christian hope (including renewal) is important; love of God and neighbor is more important. Multiplying Love underscores what matters most and stands in contrast to divisive misreadings of essential Methodist teachings as we embrace anew the Wesleyan vision of love of Jesus as central to what we believe and how we live.


Being United Methodist Christians: Living a Life of Grace and Hope

by Andy Langford, Ann Langford Duncan, Sally Langford, Abingdon Press, 2023

Living a life of grace and hope. Guides readers to answer what it means to be a United Methodist Christian. A superb contemporary exploration for newcomers and continuing folks alike that covers UMC origins, distinctives, essential beliefs, and the UM way of life. In addition to the book for individual or group study, a separate downloadable collection of sermon and worship helps and session videos on are available.


Means of Grace Bible

(Common English Bible), Abingdon Press, 2024

Search Scripture together as a means of grace. As Wesleyan Christians, we search Scripture together as a means of grace, a divinely given spiritual practice that enhances our encounters with God and transforms us into a holy people. This special edition of the Common English Bible includes a series of reflections from teachers and theologians presenting rich diversity in approaches for reading and discerning the Bible. Readers find encouragement for engaging Scripture as a means of grace, as individuals and members of the community called into being by these holy words.


Knowing Who We Are: The Wesleyan Way of Grace

by Laceye C. Warner, Abingdon Press, 2024

The Wesleyan way of grace. Shares a robust understanding of Wesleyan Christianity helping UMs better express their beliefs and deepen their connection with The United Methodist Church. Emphasizes that God’s grace is for all and that sanctification ignites a tangible transformation in our lives, communities, and all creation. Readers gain a sharpened view of how The United Methodist Church is rooted in a legacy of care, compassion, and active response to injustice in the world. Study components include the book, a companion reader, video teaching sessions, and a comprehensive leader guide.


Upward! Wesleyan Formation in Three Movements

by Paul W. Chilcote and Steve Harper, Abingdon Press, 2023

A guided tour of the characteristics of Methodist people. Invites UM leaders to take a guided tour of the theology, practices, habits, and attitudes that characterize Methodist people. Provides the vocabulary and framework for sharing Wesleyan theology that helps leaders correct misconceptions, clarify, and reclaim a practical Methodist theology that is compelling and relevant.

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