May 2021 Flooding in Southwest Louisiana

May 17, 2021

Call the Louisiana Conference Disaster Response Hotline, 337-476-1080, for help with the May flooding

Spring thunderstorms often bring flooding in Louisiana.  Lake Charles and other parts of Southwest Louisiana saw widespread flooding today, devastating the region that is still rebuilding after Hurricanes Laura and Delta.  

According to the National Weather Service, between 5 and 12 inches of rain had fallen by around 1:45 pm in parts of Calcasieu and Jefferson Davis parishes, with more rain predicted over the next several days.

Most of Calcasieu Parish is experiencing flooded roadways.  If you live in an area affected by the floods, please stay off the roads until the floodwaters recede and it is safe to drive. 

The Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s department and the Cajun Navy are using boats and high-water vehicles to rescue people from flooded homes.  

Bishop Cynthia Fierro Harvey says her heart goes out to all those in southwest Louisiana affected by today’s flooding. “We say it time and time again - ‘when we don't know what to do, we know what to do.’ Once again, you know what to do — look out and care for your neighbors, and pray for your community,” says Bishop Harvey. “You’ve been the hands and feet of Christ in remarkable ways and I have no doubt you will continue to do so.”

In response, the Louisiana Conference has ordered 1,000 flood buckets from Sagar Brown to be delivered to University United Methodist Church as soon as the roads are open.

The church office at University had been closed for nearly 36 weeks as they continued to recover after back-to-back hurricanes in 2020. The office had just re-opened only to have it flood during Monday's rain.

"I am just asking for prayers," says Rev. Angela Bulhof during a Facebook LIVE video where she showed the extensive flooding in just about every room of the church. "We are counting our blessings. God is with us through every storm! Keep on praying for our friends and neighbors in southwest Louisiana. This is just one more historic weather event in the craziest pandemic year ever. I am praying for patience and resilience and the ability to do all the right things at the right time."  

Meanwhile, St. Luke-Simpson United Methodist Church is reporting floodwater in the sanctuary and other parts of the church. 

If you are a trained ERT and you live in the affected area, please look for ways to help your neighbor as soon as it is safe to be out. If you don’t live in the affected area, please do not self-deploy.  Rev. Bob Deich will issue a call-out for trained Louisiana ERTs in the next few days. Please wait for his call.

If you would like to help the survivors of these floods recover, please make a donation to the Disaster Response Fund of the Louisiana Conference.  

It can be extremely difficult to distinguish between damage caused by these floods and previous damage caused by Hurricanes Laura and Delta.  By donating to the Disaster Response Fund, your donations can be used most effectively to help all survivors of the recent storms.  

Below you can watch a Facebook LIVE video from Rev. Angela Bulhof, University United Methodist Church in Lake Charles. 

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