Louisiana Prison Chapel Foundation offering is slated for Feb. 7

January 26, 2016
On Feb. 7, United Methodist churches will take a special offering for the Louisiana Prison Chapel Foundation (LPCP), which has been building chapels in Louisiana prisons for more than 15 years. These chapels have become a place of birth and nurturing of the spiritual journey of thousands of inmates. Fourteen chapels and a Religious Education building are open and bursting with activity on any given day. Besides building chapels, LPCF plays another vital role in the state’s correction system. It is a liaison for churches and others in the faith community to help connect them to the chapels and their ministries. The Foundation also spreads the good news about how moral rehabilitation has changed the way Louisiana incarcerates people.
Many times, the foundation lends an understanding ear to families of incarcerated individuals. Those family members are often innocent bystanders, devastated and alienated by the crime of their loved one. They need someone to hear about their struggles and help them understand how the corrections system works and provide counsel on how to navigate it.

If you would like to support the work of the Foundation or learn more about its work, visit the foundation’s website at or contact Executive Director Cindy Mann at (225) 931-3664.  Tax-deductible contributions may be made through your church on Feb. 7 (or at any time) or directly to the Foundation at 527 North Blvd., Baton Rouge, LA  70802.
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