Louisiana NOW Podcast: Sewing Up to Serve: Helping Those on the Front Lines

March 24, 2020
There are so many needs in this country as a result of the coronavirus. One of them is face masks. We are literally running out of them and medical professionals have started asking for and giving permission for homemade facemarks. A group of volunteers inside Henning Memorial United Methodist Church in Sulphur have started sewing homemade masks and the group is growing by the hundreds. We caught up with Terry to learn more about how it all started, how she, along with so many of us, is learning new digital technology like Facebook and teleconferencing. And, most importantly, how the Holy Spirit is guiding her every step and every sew.
To learn more about the SWLA Project Mask - visit their Facebook page:
We also catch up with Rev. Elaine Burleigh on how churches can get financial support for ministries like this, plus and idea for all churches related to their UMCOR cleaning kits. If you would like to get in touch with Elaine Burleigh inside the Conference Office, please email her:

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