Louisiana NOW Podcast: Dismantling Racism: White Privilege

July 11, 2020

In Episode 2 of a special series of episodes regarding racial injustice, we are joined by Rev. Dr. Matt Russell, Dr. Rachel Schneider, both from Project Curate and Rev. Ronald Southall and Rev. Clifton Conrad. In this episode, we discuss white privilege and what it means to be white in the world. We also discuss some ways, knowingly or unknowingly, some white people complicate racial matters. 

This episode is a preview to a series of webinars where Project Curate will introduce us to an important beginning point to the antiracist conversation: what whiteness means in our society, how whiteness has been constructed and why, and how whiteness continues to perpetuate racist policy that leads to continued racial disparities and prejudices. 

These webinars are open to the public and you can register by heading to our website:


PODCAST: The Relay Podcast – That Sounds About White (Part 1 & 2)

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