Louisiana NOW Podcast: Dismantling Racism: Anti-Blackness

July 31, 2020

In this episode of Louisiana NOW, we look back at the final anti-racism module presented to the Louisiana Conference from Project Curate —  a non-profit that works with religious and community organizations to support collaborative responses to intersectional issues of inequality and injustice.

The Blackness 101 module helped us explore racial categorizing as a tool of power from the perspective of the black experience. We discussed essential conversation markers and how anti-blackness is a form atonement. We began to recognize the systems of oppression, our complicity in them, and ways of finding freedom.

We are joined by Brandi Holmes who focuses her work on various black liberation struggles, but especially the struggles of black girls and women. She is a noted social activist, community organizer, and strategist, dedicated to policy and criminal justice reform.

Also joining us is Dr. Biko Mandela Gray, a professor of Religion at Syracuse University, and a community advocate.  Dr. Gray’s research interests operate at the intersection of religion, embodiment, and subjectivity—all of which cohere around a central question: if we took our bodies seriously, how might we think about our relationship to ourselves, others, and the world? 

And our third guest is Rev. Dr. Cleve Tinsley, co-managing director of Project Curate. Dr. Tinsley is a scholar of religion and Black Studies. He earned his MA and PhD in religion from Rice University. Dr. Tinsley is a Baptist minister who holds a Master of Divinity (MDiv) from Princeton Theological Seminary. He has extensive experience as an organizer, institution-builder, manager, and consultant for churches and community organizations.

These webinars were aimed at imagining, striving for, and living in a better world wherein justice, mercy, humility, and love are not just aspirations, but assumptions within our community ethics.

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