Louisiana NOW Podcast: Dismantling Racism: A Christian Response

July 03, 2020

This is a special edition of the Louisiana NOW podcast. Over the next few episodes, we will tackle the same issue - institutional racism and how we are called to respond as Christians. 

We will do so with four guests who, over the next few episodes, hope to shed light on these issues and draw us into what we hope is time well spent.

Two of those guests are from Project Curate – a non-profit and consultancy that works with religious, academic, and community organizations to support collaborative responses to intersectional issues of inequality and injustice.

Rev. Dr. Matt Russell is a pastor at Chapelwood United Methodist Church in Houston. 

Dr. Rachel Schneider is a scholar of religion, race, and culture, as well as a community social justice advocate based in Houston, Texas. 

And from the Louisiana Conference, Rev. Clifton Conrad and Ronald Southall, who bring a fresh perspective from their lives as Methodist pastors in Louisiana.

Our starting point will be to frame this issue and approach the subject with the lens of Jesus. As United Methodist Christians, we have an obligation to bear a faithful witness to the reality, and harm racism has brought to our communities.

To do this and to do this well, we must address racism with great intentionality, and through the lens of the Christian Faith. Through the lens of the Gospel, our Wesleyan theological tradition, and the larger witness of the Church universal, we can be people of transformation. 

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