Lent: A Journey of Faith

February 22, 2023

Lent is a time of repentance, fasting, and preparation for the coming of Easter.

It is also a time of self-examination and reflection.

To help us reflect, Bishop Delores J. Williamston, along with members of the appointive cabinet, will share brief video devotions every Thursday at Noon on Facebook and YouTube. 

Join Bishop Williamston, Rev. Jan Curwick, Rev. Karli Pidgeon, Rev. Tom Dolph, Rev. Scott Bullock, and Rev. Van Stinson as they explore the lectionary and offer their own unique insights and reflections.

The lectionary is a collection of scripture readings used in many United Methodist churches to guide worship and teaching. By following the lectionary, we can explore a wide range of texts from both the Old and New Testaments and delve into themes such as redemption, forgiveness, and grace.

Here's a brief look at the schedule and the reflections that are scheduled during Lent: 

  • Week 1, February 23: Bishop Delores Williamston will begin our Lenten devotions with a reflection on Matthew, chapter 4, verses 1-11. She will share more about what it means to "give something up" at Lent. Unfortunately, we are easily distracted. In her devotion, Bishop Williamston shares how we can overcome distraction.
  • Week 2, March 2: In our second Lenten devotion, Rev. Jan Holloway Curwick explores the meeting of Jesus and Nicodemus told in John 3:1-17 and challenges us to ask the question, 'What walls, barriers or set ways of seeing and doing things is the Spirit blowing at in our lives?' 
  • Week 3, March 9: Our third week of Lenten devotionals features Rev. Scott Bullock as he delves into Exodus 17:1-7, the Israelites' crisis of faith in the wilderness. Rev. Bullock shares a lesson about the danger of allowing difficult circumstances to undermine our faith and the importance of trusting God to provide for our needs.
  • Week 4, March 16: In the fourth week, Rev. Karli Pidgeon reflects on the Gospel of John, Chapter 9, verses 1-41, the story of Jesus healing a man who was born blind. Her message reminds us that though there is darkness in the world, we must keep our hearts and minds open to the possibility of miracles. 
  • Week 5, March 23: Rev. Dr. Tom Dolph's Lenten devotion for the fifth week is taken from John 11:1-45 and explores how our Lenten examinations and preparations invite us to consider the “Iffyness” of our faith.
  • Week 6, March 30: Rev. Dr. Van Stinson's devotional in the sixth week invites us to give consideration to the significance of Palm Sunday and how it can be easily lost in the liturgical year. Is it about the pageantry of the season? Or is it a reminder of God’s gift of salvation and a call to discipleship in our lives?
  • Week 7, April 6: In our final devotion, Bishop Delores Williamston will point to the hope of Easter and what it means in our lives. 

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