Invitation to Lay Servant Ministries; Baton Rouge District

August 09, 2021

Baton Rouge District to hold Lay Servant Training, October 8-9 at First United Methodist Church; (Online Facilitation, If Needed)

The purpose of Lay Servant Ministries is to equip laity for their roles in ministry as disciples of Jesus Christ. It is designed to educate and train those persons interested in stretching their faith to participate more fully in all ministries of the church. Certified Lay Servants, through study and training, take on additional responsibilities in service within the local church, and are prepared to provide leadership and service in many forms, including assisting the pastor in leading worship, small groups and congregational care.

Next Training: 
October 8-9
First United Methodist Church
Baton Rouge, LA

(Online Facilitation If Needed)

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The office of lay servant in The United Methodist Church, originally known as exhorter, has existed in the church almost from the beginning of Methodism. While we do not know the exact time that the first exhorter began to speak, one of the earliest references to this precursor of the office of certified lay servant, as it is known today, occurred in 1746, only two years after the first annual conference of Methodism.

Lay Servant Ministries is a 275 year tradition of lay servant hood in the United Methodist Church. Lay servants are active, supporting, and professing members of the local church. They desire to be well-informed on scripture, doctrine and heritage. They desire to serve the church.

The basic course, which is part one of two in pursuit of the Certified Lay Servant Ministries designation, is the foundational training for the lay servant ministry, and can also be used as a part of a discipleship plan for laity to become acquainted with the gifts, calling and responsibilities as followers of Jesus Christ.

This basic course is a comprehensive, developmental program that helps laity identify their calls to ministry, and develop skills in three core ministry categories of caring, leading and communicating. It also emphasizes ministry in daily life in the sharing of faith stories.

The next lay servant training in the Baton Rouge district is scheduled for Friday, October 8 and Saturday October 9 at First United Methodist Church downtown. A light breakfast and lunch is provided on Saturday. Your completed registration form, approved by your church pastor, along with a check for $35, denoted LSM Training in the memo line, (scholarships may be available) must be provided to the Baton Rouge district UMC Lay Servant Ministries director by Friday, September 10.

The contact information for the Lay Servant Ministries Director is at the bottom of this letter and is also included on the registration form. There are no exceptions to the deadline as materials for students will be ordered promptly following the close of registration to allow time for volunteers to provide attendees with course materials in advance of the class, which includes the Lay Servant Ministries Basic Course book.

Further, if you have taken the basic lay servant ministries course I encourage you to participate in the Advanced Lay Servant Course to round out your training and position you for your certification. This year, the Advanced Course is on Public Prayer.

The advanced course will be held at the same time and location as the Basic course.

This is a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow in faith, to meet other United Methodists from the Greater Baton Rouge area that you might not otherwise get to meet, and is also of great value to the United Methodist Church, and to your home church in particular, as you will be better equipped to step into the role of laity servant hood as called. Further, I know that many of you already give so much of your time in service to your local church – the Lay Servant Certification is a great way to make it “official”. And of course it’s a wonderful way to grow with God.

So if you’re wondering, what’s next, God? What would you have me do? Please consider Lay Servant Certification.

Lay Servant Rules

  • Lay Servants are to be active, supporting, and professing members of a local church.
  • They should desire to serve the church and be well informed on scripture, doctrine, heritage, and the organization of The United Methodist Church.
  • To become a Certified Lay Servant (speak and/or serve in other United Methodist churches as called) you must complete at least one Advanced Course after completing the Basic Course and be approved by the District Lay Servant Committee.
  • To maintain Lay Servant certification, you submit a lay servant annual report to your church charge conference annually, and complete at least one advanced course every three years.
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