Important Dates Regarding Disaffiliation Matters

January 12, 2023

Some churches in the Louisiana Conference are discerning potential disaffiliation, a process by which churches determine whether they can no longer theologically remain in the United Methodist Church. 

The 2019 Special Session of the General Conference of the UMC adopted Paragraph 2553 in the Book of Discipline: "Disaffiliation of a Local Church Over Issues Related to Human Sexuality." This paragraph provides the overall framework that must be followed by any church in the United Methodist Church that wants to disaffiliate. 

It's important to note that Paragraph 2553 sunsets at the end of this year. 

If a church in the Louisiana Conference wishes to disaffiliate prior to the sunset of Paragraph 2553 and at the 2023 Annual Conference, the process must start no later than April 1, 2023.

The process begins with an information session with the District Superintendent to answer questions and review the process. 

Resumption of Conversations 

You may remember, in November of 2022, Bishop Cynthia Fierro Harvey, then bishop of the Louisiana Conference called for a "pause" on all meetings and conversations related to matters of disaffiliation. 

That pause ended on January 1, 2023.

If your church was previously in the midst of disaffiliation conversations, you can now resume those conversations.


Because of the current deep conflict within the UMC around issues of human sexuality, a local church shall have a limited right, under the provisions of this paragraph, to disaffiliate from the denomination for reasons of conscience regarding a change in the requirements and provisions of the Book of Discipline related to the practice of homosexuality or the ordination or marriage of self-avowed practicing homosexuals as resolved and adopted by the 2019 General Conference, or the actions or inactions of its annual conference related to these issues.


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