Happy Thanksgiving from Bishop Cynthia Fierro Harvey

November 25, 2015
As you prepare for Thanksgiving, I am sure that like me, the memories begin to flood the corners of your heart.  Our table was always filled with amazing food and an abundance of love.  There was always a huge turkey, my mother’s amazing cornbread dressing, green bean casserole, corn, mashed potatoes and of course, rice, beans and tortillas.  And who can forget my Aunt Jeannie’s pies?  As I reflect on Thanksgivings around my mother’s table, it resembled the communion table - family, friends, chosen family and often people we did not even know.  At my mother’s table, there was always room for one more.  Thanksgiving was sacramental, as we each knew that not only were we gathered at my mother’s table but also we were gathered at God’s banquet of love.
I am reminded that not everyone was as blessed as I was, and maybe even fewer will be this year.  I think about refugee families who are separated from those they love.  Families seeking safety, families seeking shelter, families seeking love.  I pray that this Thanksgiving we will not give into the fear that is driving much of our nation but instead focus on the Christian response to offer hospitality to the stranger, making room for one more around God’s banquet; the place where the heavenly banquet might be experienced on earth. 
I am grateful for each of you and your willingness to share the feast of love and life with my family and me.  May you be blessed beyond measure this Thanksgiving Day and every day.

In Christ,

Cynthia Fierro Harvey
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