Grants for Vital Conversations and Peace-Making

August 18, 2017

Vital Conversations Grant 

The Louisiana Annual Conference Commission on Religion and Race is seeking to fund initiatives up to $500 that will support vital conversations about race, cultural diversity, xenophobia, privilege, and systemic equality. 

The Louisiana Annual Conference Commission on Religion and Race invite two churches (one must be United Methodist) of differing and diverse races, ethnicities, and countries of origin to partner together to host and lead intentional conversations on race, cultural diversity, privilege, and systemic equality.

An example would be a predominantly white congregation and a predominantly African-American church partnering together to hold a discussion about the issues in the community they reside.

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Often, we hear the term “beloved community,” and seek to live into it without a firm grasp on how to do so. Please look at the resource entitled, “25 Traits of the Beloved Community,” to engage in the fruitful exercises.  For other resources and examples of programs, converstaions, and studies, please click here

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Peacemaker Quick Action Grant 

The purpose of this grant is to equip the local church as a peacemaker in a time of social unrest or protest. It is a grant of $500 for the purchase of supplies, such as water, snacks, first aid supplies, sunscreen, and symbols of peace (i.e. cross stickers, peace emblems, scripture cards)

These tools are to be used by the local church to provide hospitality and care to the public.  All supplies are to be shared without discrimination or political intent except to speak of the love of Christ. 

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