God's Grace Came From Within

February 23, 2017

DeWitt Perkins is a member of Cornerstone United Methodist Church in New Orleans, a church close to the path of tornadoes earlier this month. 

Perkins is also a poet and he penned this poem about the tornado and the recovery that followed.

It is a recovery that featured members of Cornerstone United Methodist Church, ERT responders from all across the Methodist connection as well as UMCOR relief.

The Tornado brought hail & wind,
Property destroyed by this disaster
But God’s grace came from within
His love never denied,
There will always be a before and after.
People came together,
Holding each other’s heart,
Dealing with the uncertainties of weather,
God’s love, truly a work of art.
It’s too bad it takes tragedy,
For so many of us to be as one,
If we stay in prayer, enhancing our faith,
We’ll realize that we share the same sun.
From Heaven’s Light I became more
than just a silhouette.
DeWitt Perkins
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