Global Mission Fellow US-2 Track

October 15, 2020
Do you know a young adult who desires to address the root causes of injustice in their community while living out their faith?

The Global Mission Fellow US-2 Track could be the perfect opportunity for them.
While much is uncertain, the critical work of our placement agencies is as important as ever.  Our US-2 Fellows continue on as essential workers, dedicated to putting their faith into action even in this challenging season for our world. 
Global Mission Fellows seek to combat systematic oppression and alleviate human suffering while serving in a new community.  Fellows serve for two years as a cohort and are able to serve communities across the United States by working in public health, migration issues, poverty situations, and much more.

The Louisiana Conference has long had a history of supporting global mission fellows. William Willoughby is an active fellow from 2019, a video showcasing William's work is found below), while Magdeline Russo is a 2020 cohort.  Bernadette St. Amand is an alumni from 2017. 
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The Global Mission Fellows program of The United Methodist Church places young adults, ages 20–30, in social justice ministries for two years of service. The program offers the opportunity for service in the United States (US-2 track) and around the world (international track).

The application for the 2021-23 cohort of Global Mission Fellows on the US-2 track opened Monday, Oct. 12. The application for the Global Mission Fellows international track will be released at a later time, pending travel restrictions related to COVID-19.

The program allows participants to connect the church in mission while addressing the root causes of oppression and alleviating human suffering in their host communities. Fellows work alongside community organizations in a variety of areas including public health, migration/immigration, education and poverty.

The Global Mission Fellows program is open to those from different denominational backgrounds, but participants must be willing to represent The United Methodist Church and uphold its social principles during their time of service. The Wesleyan value of personal and social holiness is at the core of the program.

The United Methodist Church has been sending young adults to serve in short-term mission for almost 70 years. In the wake of World War II, programs were established to address global issues. An “Us too” appeal for young adults to invest in the healing of the United States emerged as well. The Women’s Division of the Methodist Board of Missions launched the US-2 program in 1951. As the program grew, it came under the oversight of Global Ministries and invited young men as well as women to serve. Today, over one hundred Global Mission Fellows are serving in the United States and countries around the world.

The fall application deadline is Nov. 30, 2020, and the spring application deadline is Feb. 24, 2021. Placement matches will be assigned throughout the selection process, so early application is encouraged. The application can be found at

Those selected for the next Global Mission Fellow US-2 cohort will begin training and service in August and September of 2021.

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