Fixing the Appointments, Virtually

Bishop Cynthia Fierro Harvey
July 01, 2020
Typically, I have the privilege of "fixing" the appointments at the closing of our Annual Conference session. Due to the postponement of Annual Conference, we have had to adapt in many ways. Today, I would like to officially "fix" the appointments virtually.

Prayers for Those Retiring

My prayers are with those of you who are entering retired status. I remind retirees that the United Methodist Church requires all clergy to have a "status," and although you enter retired status, I know your work is not finished. Your ministry will continue in all you do because it is who you are. I give thanks for you, your dedication and commitment to the United Methodist Church. I will continue to pray for you as you enter this next season of your life and work.

For Those Moving

It is an interesting time to be moving to a new appointment. Many of you have not been with your congregations in person in months, and the good-byes were difficult as will be your hellos as you arrive at your new site for ministry. The pandemic has caused us to physically distant but I am certain you will do all you can in your new appointments to connect with your new parish. I pray that all of you are able to sense the Cabinet's prayers and many others as you enter into a new mission field. God has prepared the way for all of you, even in the midst of a pandemic.

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The term 'appointed' is more than just a term denoting a physical place of employment. Each appointment is made with careful consideration of matching pastoral gifts and talents with a particular community's needs. As the pandemic closed church buildings, you never stopped ministering to the people in need of the Good News. It was evident that each of you lived into your strengths and provided the precise amount of care and leadership at the right moment.

I recognize that you are weary, as you have had to learn a new way of being the pastor. You have learned new skills and continue to do so every day.  Your ability to adapt four months ago to an entire online 'church' model amazed me. That amazement continues as we've slowly started returning to in-person worship with restrictions and guidelines.

Still, there are questions as to what the future holds. In the end, I continue to be encouraged as you each lean on your strengths and lead from a place of confidence. It is that determination, together with the Holy Spirit's power, that will see us through.   

Grace and Peace, 
Bishop Cynthia Fierro Harvey

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