Engagement Beyond The Walls Workshop

April 10, 2019
The African American Church Vitality Task Force invites you to Engagement Beyond The Walls Workshop, Saturday, May 4, 2019, from 9am-3pm at St. Matthew United Methodist Church in New Orleans. 

Speakers include Sabrina Short - Social Media Engagement, Pastors Robert Johnson and Kaseem Short - Community Engagement.
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Mrs. Sabrina Short (Short Speaks Creative, LLC) will lead "Time Saving Tools for Your Digital Media Ministry"

Digital Media can be overwhelming when you are wearing many hats. Learn about free and affordable tools to capture contact information, create content, and manage engagement with simple user-friendly platforms.

Pastors Robert Johnson (Louisiana Ave, Lafayette) and Kaseem Short (Thomas UMC, Kenner) will lead "Community Engagement" 

Together, we will learn how to reach new people and create new ministries to reach people beyond the walls of the church building.

Rev. Robert E. Johnson, Sr.

Rev. Johnson is the pastor of Louisiana Ave UMC in Lafayette, LA. He has led churches in growth since 2004. Under his leadership, faith communities have gone from seven people in worship attendance to over 150 in worship attendance, in a short period of time. He has won the Harry Denman Evangelism Award for Evangelism twice. He continues to show churches how to reach new people and create new ministries to reach people beyond the walls of a church building. His mission as a servant of God is  ” Meeting people where they are, where Jesus meets us all.”

Mrs. Sabrina Short

Short Speaks Creative LLC is a creative services agency in New Orleans, Louisiana specializing in communication and digital brand strategy.  Founder and native New Orleanian, Sabrina N. Short, organized NOLAVATE Black to offer a safe place for creatives of color to feel valued and supported in their industries. 

Rev. Kaseem Short

Rev. Short is the pastor of Thomas UMC in Kenner, LA. He has spearheaded the redefining of its mission to "share the love of Jesus by engaging, connecting and growing spiritual leaders".  Pastor Short leads efforts focused on community outreach and mission driven ministries.  He has been instrumental in building leadership to take church "outside the walls" implementing new ministries such as Evangelism/Outreach and Agape Healthy Living Ministries. 
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