"Continue To Pray For Our Church"

April 28, 2017

The United Methodist Church’s top court, the Judicial Council, has issued a ruling with regard to the election and consecration of Rev. Karen Oliveto, an openly gay Bishop in the Western Jurisdiction.

The court, in a 6-3 vote, ruled that the consecration violates church law but that Bishop Oliveto "remains in good standing” until an administrative or judicial process is completed.

You can read more about this decision here.

Following the ruling, Bishop Cynthia Fierro Harvey shared the following: 

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

While some may be pleased with this decision, there are others who are not. I invite us to continue to pray for our church and the important work of the Commission on A Way Forward. May the Holy Spirit intercede on our behalf and fill all the broken places in our world and the church we love. 

The Judicial Council decision does not change our call from Jesus to love one another. We in Louisiana have agreed that our preferred future and vision is to -  make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. It is a vision and preferred future compelled by Christ’s love and involves people from all walks of life. 

Is there confusion? Yes. 

Is there tension? Yes.

But when tension and confusion arise, I am reminded that God isn’t a God of disorder but of peace. May we rest in the assurance that God's will for us and for the church is one of peace and love. May we all continue to do what we do best, love one another and share the good news of Christ’s resurrection.  

Once again we pray, Lord, in your mercy….

Grace and Peace,
Bishop Cynthia Fierro Harvey



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