Conference Prepares for Mission and Mercy Day, May 21

March 22, 2022

Churches all across the Louisiana Conference are gearing up for Mission and Mercy Day, a day where churches and congregations are invited to find a project that results in making a difference in their community. 

The day will be highlighted by events that focus on the rule of justice and individual freedom. For some, it might result in picking up trash, while others might hold a voter registration drive. 

To no one's surprise, churches throughout the Louisiana Conference are excited to be out from under COVID restrictions and are looking forward to ways they can connect physically with their communities. The Mission and Mercy team recognized this and created a day for the entire Conference to do just that. 

"This is a day to go out and show that God is still blessing people," says Rev. Isaac Hammond, a member of the Mission and Mercy Team. "On this day, so many people all across the state will see the whole church as a beacon of light working toward the common goal of the Gospel of Jesus Christ."
This is a day to go out and show that God is still blessing people
Rev. Isaac Hammond

Rev. Colleen Bookter sees the day as a living example of Luke's 14th chapter. "In Luke 14, verses 18-19, Jesus announces his mission as a mission of mercy - bringing good news to the poor, proclaiming liberty to captives, offering sight to the blind, and letting free the oppressed," she says. "Jesus is referencing Isaiah 61:1-2, where the prophets Isaiah announces the release of those held in bondage. And that Isaiah passage also includes binding up the brokenhearted and comforting those who mourn. I always think of these texts when I think of the work of the Louisiana Conference Mission and Mercy Team."

Bookter continues, "These pains and needs were present long ago when Isaiah was prophesying, they were present over 2,000 years ago when Jesus announced his mission of mercy, and they are still present today. Our world is in pain. People are hurting. And when there is so much heartache in the world, it can be overwhelming to take in all the injustices going on at this time. But the good news is that they are all connected. So the work we do - the mission we serve, the mercy we give - in our little corner of the world; it may not solve world hunger or end poverty or stop the war in Ukraine, but it is taking one step toward justice, toward mercy - working to create the Kingdom of heaven here on earth. "

Bishop Cynthia Fierro Harvey says she is excited to see creative ministry on this day. "Mission and Mercy Day offers churches and its members the opportunity to offer tangible ways to reach those in greatest need in the communities we serve," she says. "On social media, I often respond to great mission efforts with the comment 'thank you for being the church.'  There is no greater way to be the church than to set aside this day to be in mission and ministry as a witness to the love of God and neighbor."

Hammond says the day is also an opportunity to allow the Holy Spirit to work inside your own life. "This is chance to be led by the Holy Spirit," he says. "To bring joy and direction to someone's life is refreshing to the soul. It reminds us of how close the Kingdom of God is in our lives and in the midst of our communities."

Those participating are asked to submit photos and videos of their work to the Conference Communications team, who will be ready to share the media on the various Conference social media channels. 

"We also want to use this media in June, at Annual Conference," says Todd Rossnagel, Director of Communication. "We are looking forward to finally being back together for Annual Conference, and I can't think of a better way to celebrate our shared work than to share images of our churches collaborating to share the Gospel in a tangible, meaningful way."

If you or your church decide to post and share about your Mission and Mercy efforts, you are invited to use the hashtag #MissionandMercy 

For more information on participating and submitting photos and videos, please visit the Mission and Mercy homepage

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