The Louisiana Delegation: Annual Conference Election Results

June 13, 2019
Every quadrennium at Annual Conference, delegates from all across the connection gather to elect lay and clergy delegates to both General Conference and Jurisdictional Conference

The number of delegates an Annual Conference is entitled to send to a General Conference is based on two factors: the number of clergy members of the Annual Conference and the number of members of local churches in the Annual Conference.

In the case of Louisiana, this meant electing three clergy and three lay delegates to General and Jurisdictional Conference and two alternates for both clergy and lay for a total of sixteen. 

The election results are below: 

Clergy, General Conference

Clergy, Jurisdictional Conference


Laity, General Conference

Laity, Jurisdictional Conference



“I am thankful for those who have given of themselves to the work of the United Methodist Church in this season," said Bishop Cynthia Fierro Harvey. "Each delegate brings with them a unique voice and story to the conversation. I am holding each of them in prayer as they prepare for the work ahead, which will be challenging and important.”

The elections were held on the last day of Annual Conference, which was held for the first time in the Shreveport Convention Center in downtown Shreveport, Louisiana.

After the elections were held, Bishop Harvey concluded the Annual Conference by fixing the appointments for the upcoming year.

“I am incredibly grateful for the work of delegates all across the Conference as they gathered in Shreveport," said Bishop Harve. "We were engaged in tough conversations and all the while, we listened with compassion and respect. All week, we focused on how love fulfills the law and we were shining examples of that during our time together.”

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