Circuit Riders Learning Community

February 03, 2022

Ask any United Methodists about the phrase "Circuit Riders," and you'll likely get the traditional answer; in the earliest years of the United States, clergy were assigned to travel in various geographic territories to minister to settlers and organize congregations, and this was traditionally done on horseback. 

While horses are no longer a viable form of transportation, make no mistake - clergy are still traveling in and amidst various geographic territories. 

​But in many ways, they are doing so today with the other definition of 'circuit', a two-way communication path with an assemblage of electronic elements, such as a computer. 

And that's precisely how it is with the Circuit Riders Learning Community, offered by the Office of Congregational Development and Transformation, at no cost. 

"Virtual, digital, hybrid, both/and, phigital, whatever you call it, the digital space is one of the new places where we can reach new people," says Rev. Sam Hubbard, Associate Director, Office of Congregational Development and Transformation. "This new round of training will be perfect for churches that are still committed to offering and succeeding with a hybrid ministry."

The cohort will feature Jason Moore, a creative worship specialist, author, and worship coach who previously worked with the Louisiana Conference during the teeth of the pandemic, offering the Both/And workshop.

The plan is to meet monthly over Zoom for one hour to refine and grow our Digital Church presence. Below is a snapshot of the sessions offered by Moore for the Louisiana Circuit Riders Learning Community.

Sessions Offered:
  • Getting to Know You
  • Knowing Your Why
  • From Why to What and How
  • Next Steps; Discipleship/Relational Pathway
If you're interested, please contact the Office of Congregational Development and Transformation.

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