Church Finances Workshop

April 26, 2023

The United Methodist Foundation of Louisiana is sponsoring a workshop designed specifically for church secretaries, finance chairs and volunteers, business managers, administrators, and staff: Best Practices for the Church Business Office. 

This class is completely free and will feature veteran business administrator Dianne Wilkinson.

Wilkinson was recently featured on an episode of Louisiana NOW, where she visited with Todd Rossnagel about the class and much more.


Dianne understands the unique challenges that come with managing and reporting the church’s finances. She has 35 years of experience serving in different capacities on church staff, including business administrator. Dianne will discuss a variety of best practices and review daily routines and processes used in the church business office to prevent fraud, protect your integrity, and do it right!

The Foundation is offering this workshop across the state in a town near you! It is FREE to attend, but RSVP is required to ensure enough space, refreshments, and handout materials. Lunch will be provided after the workshop.

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