BMCR Fall Revivals

September 04, 2017
The Louisiana BMCR (Black Methodists for Church Renewal) will be holding Fall District Revivals to revive, renew, and restore churches in Louisiana.

"As Black Methodists, we are working to make sure our churches are on fire and ready to reach out and serve in the name of Christ," said Rev. Karlie Pidgeon, pastor of Cornerstone UMC in New Orleans. "This will help us reinvigorate, revive and renew our congregations in the work of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world."

The revivals will be held at the following locations:

New Orleans District
September 9, 2017
Hartzell Mt. Zion UMC
Preacher: Charles Washington

Baton Rouge District
September 16, 2017
Roberts UMC
Rev. Isaac Hammond

Shreveport/Monroe District
September 30, 2017
St. Paul UMC
Preacher: Rev. Anna Jackson

Acadiana/Lake Charles District
October 7, 2017
St. Mark's UMC
Preacher: Rev. Robert Johnson

"Revivals have historically existed for churches to express their faith in fresh ways and to get the flames restoked for ministry within the great commission," said Pidgeon. "They've also been a chance for us to gather together in spirit and innovation. Our hope is that folks will take back a spirit of fire and renewal and innovation to do new things in their churches, their communities and even in their own lives. By being with one another we are able to share with one another what is working and how that ministry can be cultivated in other places. We are very excited about the future here in Louisiana."

Nationally, BMCR is celebrating 50 years of raising up prophetic and spiritual leaders in the United Methodist church.
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