Bishop Williamston Holds In-Person Listening Sessions; Oct. 27/28 in Woodworth

October 11, 2023

Bishop Delores J. Williamston began serving as bishop in the Louisiana Conference, January 1, 2023. Sixteen days after unpacking, she toured the entire state, visiting each district in what was known as her 'Boots on the Ground Tour', sixteen interactive sessions that lasted until March. 

"Every voice, every story, every perspective weaves a thread of understanding and unity. Just as I embarked on that sixteen-stop journey across our beautiful Louisiana when I first arrived, I am compelled to continue listening and engaging," says Bishop Williamston. "When we listen to the diverse voices of our people from all corners, we discover the wisdom that binds us together, the grace that strengthens our bonds, and the love that unites our hearts. Let us continue to embark on this journey of HōPE!"

Bishop Delores J. Williamston will be holding two pivotal listening sessions to be held at the Wesley Center in Woodworth, LA, in late October.

These sessions are designed to engage with both clergy and laity, to gather invaluable insights, and inspire a hopeful journey forward.

On Friday, October 27th, Bishop Williamston extends a special invitation to clergy members for a dedicated session. The following day, Saturday, October 28th, the session will be open to both laity and clergy. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in 60-minute listening sessions, ensuring a focused and intimate environment for constructive discussions. Each session will accommodate no more than 15 individuals to facilitate meaningful exchanges.



Book a Slot, Friday, Oct. 27th; CLERGY ONLY

Book a Slot, Sat. Oct. 28; Clergy and Laity

"This is an opportunity for me to hear from you as we continue to move forward in HOPE as the Louisiana Conference of the United Methodist Church," Bishop Williamston emphasizes. "Bring your ideas, your hopes, your prayers, and your dreams for our Conference and our churches."

It is important to note that these listening sessions differ from the sessions with renowned church consultant John Wimberly.

Wimberly has been engaged by the Conference to provide expertise in strategic organizational planning, including conference structure, and more. His unique approach centers on the art of listening, utilizing interviews and focus groups to extract valuable insights into current perceptions and future aspirations. The ultimate goal is to formulate a clear and concise mission statement that will guide pivotal decisions and strategies, aligning the Conference's organizational structure and operations with its mission.

Both opportunities, Bishop Williamston's listening sessions and John Wimberly's consultation, serve as platforms for individuals to have their voices heard and actively contribute to the Conference's progress. Clergy and laity are encouraged to secure their spot by registering now.


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