Bishop Harvey: "The people of Louisiana are resilient and never more so than at times like these"

August 27, 2020
Forecasters say Hurricane Laura was the strongest storm ever to strike Louisiana. The massive storm is historical in nature, and its impacts will be felt statewide for generations to come. 

While the water was not as bad as what we had expected, the winds have had a devastating effect on the Lake Charles area and points along Laura’s path across Louisiana. 


As of Thursday, we cannot access many areas due to roads that are impassable and major interstates that remain closed. We are relying on information from local officials, church leaders, and others who continue to receive updates. 

While today is a devastating day, the days ahead will likely be more devastating as we assess the damage to churches, parsonages, and entire communities. 

It has been said over and over again that the people of Louisiana are resilient and never more so than at times like these. Yes, even in the midst of a pandemic and a devastating hurricane. Ironically, the pandemic has reminded us our buildings are a lot less important than we once thought, and the Spirit of God is in the people. 

May that same Spirit sustain us as we lead the people to healing, peace, and restoration. 

We feel surrounded by the prayers of many from around the United Methodist Church. This is when our Connection is at its best. Calls, texts, and social media messages from United Methodists worldwide sustain us today and sustain us in the days ahead. 

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