Bishop Harvey Looks Back at 2016 Flood

August 18, 2017
"It was about a year ago that we watched the flood waters rising around us.

Some folks, even here where we are in Denham Springs were gathering the little bit that they could to get to safety.

But, the people of God, once again, responded.

You responded by helping rescued brought brought everything these people needed for just this brief time in their time of need.

But that time of need continues and people still keep coming and the people of God continue to support those who are in need.

It has been a year, there's still people that are not living in their homes.

Friends, I said from the beginning that we are in this for the long haul and we certainly are.

It's going to be probably another two or three years before we are settled.

But when an entire parish, almost an entire parish, goes underwater, we need the help of others because we can't even help ourselves.

So, I am grateful to the people that have come from all over the Connection to support us.

You've sent not only people, but you've sent your gifts that have enabled us to be able to respond to people like Ms. Debbie and Mr. Ken that live in this home.

It's been a year and they're still living in one tiny little bedroom in their home while the rest of their home is being repaired. I ask you to continue to pray for these people, Ms. Debbie and Mr. Ken, 'cause there's a whole lot of them out there still.

And continue to support us in any way that you can.

Whether it's a trip down to south Louisiana or a check in order for us to help these people, we are grateful for you.

I remind you - this is when the Connection is at its best, when we support one another, when we're called to love our neighbor in extraordinary ways because we know that even out of chaos God will say, 'It is good.'

One Year Anniversary from Louisiana Annual Conference on Vimeo.

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