Bishop Delores J. Williamston's Mother Passes Away

November 13, 2022

Bishop Delores Williamston is mourning the loss of her beloved mother, Mrs. Henrietta H. Hysten Taylor, who passed away Saturday, November 12. 

Mrs. Taylor had courageously battled Multiple Sclerosis for 38 years.

Earlier this week, Bishop Willliamston was showing her mother some of the many photos from the consecration service and the South Central Jurisdictional Conference, where Williamston was elected the first African-American female on the first and only ballot.

Williamston recalls telling her, "Ma, your brat is now a bishop in the United Methodist Church. 'What do you think of that?'"

Her Mom answered, "I didn't see that coming long ago, but I did my best." Bishop Williamston then told her mom, "'Ma, you done excellent with me and Duane. You did more than your best." 

We hold Bishop Williamston, her brother, Mr. Duane C. Emmery (of Topeka, KS), and their entire family in our prayers. 

A memorial service is being planned for Monday, November 21, at Asbury Mt. Olive United Methodist Church in Topeka, Kansas. Service times are pending.

If you would like to send condolences, please send them with attention to Bishop Williamston, to: 1207 SW Executive Drive, Topeka, KS 66615.

Bishop Delores J. Williamston, a Kansas Army National Guard veteran and Methodist church administrator, was recently elected a bishop of the United Methodist Church. Williamston, who serves as director of clergy excellence and assistant to the bishop in the Great Plains Conference of the UMC, and also pastored four churches since 2002, will officially begin serving as the bishop for the Louisiana Conference on Jan. 1, 2023. 

Immediately after being elected as a bishop, Williamston said she and others informed her mother of her election. "She said, 'well, my word!'  You can view Bishop Williamston's reflections about that phone call here.

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