Bishop Cynthia Fierro Harvey Announces Changes to Louisiana Conference Appointive Cabinet

February 17, 2022

Two districts to receive new superintendent when changes take effect July 1

  • Rev. Dr. Wybra Price will be appointed as senior pastor of Broadmoor United Methodist Church in Shreveport as Rev. Dr. Greg Davis has announced his retirement. 
  • Rev. Dr. Tom Dolph, who currently serves as superintendent of the Lake Charles-Acadiana District, will assume responsibility for the Monroe and Shreveport Districts.
  • Rev. Scott Bullock, who has served as senior pastor at First United Methodist Church, Denham Springs for the past four years, will serve as superintendent of the Lake Charles-Acadiana District. 
Changes are coming to the Appointive Cabinet of the Louisiana Conference. 
Rev. Dr. Greg Davis, senior pastor of Broadmoor United Methodist Church in Shreveport, has announced his retirement after serving as a pastor in the Louisiana Conference since 1987.
Bishop Cynthia Fierro Harvey has announced that the vacancy at Broadmoor will be filled by Rev. Dr. Wybra Price, currently serving as District Superintendent of the Monroe and Shreveport Districts.
Rev. Dr. Wybra Price

"Dr. Price has served the Conference exceedingly well as a District Superintendent, at a critical time in the life of the United Methodist Church, but his love for the local church has never waned," said Bishop Harvey. “In fact, that love has grown even stronger. His relational and pastoral skills are the perfect combination for Broadmoor United Methodist Church in Shreveport. I am excited to see Dr. Price use all that he has learned while being on the Cabinet come to life at Broadmoor and the Shreveport mission field. He has a servant’s heart whose greatest desire is to lead people to a meaningful life in Christ."
Price, reflecting on his years of service as a District Superintendent, says he is looking forward to the daily practice of pastoral ministry. “It has been a great honor and privilege to serve as a District Superintendent and Missional Strategist since July 2016. I have experienced and helped lead the church from a different perspective, all the while cherishing my years as a local church pastor,” Price said. “I am a pastor at heart, and I look forward to reconnecting with my love to be in meaningful, impactful relationships with individuals and congregations as we seek to witness and serve a living Savior, Jesus Christ.”

Bishop Harvey is also announcing that Rev. Scott Bullock, who has served as senior pastor at First United Methodist Church in Denham Springs for the past 4 years, will become superintendent of the Lake Charles-Acadiana District while Rev. Dr. Tom Dolph, who has served as superintendent of the Lake Charles-Acadiana District, will become superintendent of the Monroe and Shreveport Districts. 
"I am thrilled to have Rev. Scott Bullock join the others at the Cabinet Table," said Bishop Harvey. "I am so thankful for his service commitment to the Lake Charles-Acadiana District. He will be a superb addition to the Cabinet as he is strategic and a deep listener. Both of those attributes will serve him and the Conference well in the role as a District Superintendent."
Rev. Scott Bullock

Bullock, a New Orleans native who has served in the Louisiana Conference since 1990, says he is grateful and honored to step into this new role and looks forward to serving. “I eagerly anticipate learning the stories of my colleagues and their work of sharing God’s love with their communities,” he says. “I am also excited to explore any new possibilities God’s Spirit might help us discover together to enhance God’s Kingdom work in and among these great faith communities.”

The Lake Charles-Acadiana District continues to recover from multiple natural disasters in the past few years, and the needs are not lost on Bullock. He has helped multiple churches through multiple disaster recoveries in his 32 years as a pastor.

Natural disasters and recoveries have bookended Bullock’s years in the local church. His first appointment was at Patterson United Methodist Church on the banks of Bayou Teche in St. Mary Parish, an area decimated by Hurricane Andrew in 1992. Twenty-six years later, Bullock was appointed to First United Methodist Church in Denham Springs, arriving two years after the devastating 2016 flood and shepherding the church through recovery.

Bullock says recovery is marked by God’s hope, materialized through the help and encouragement given by persons, teams, churches, and organizations who reach out. 

“Having personally experienced such events, several times over in different settings, natural disasters mark times of deep despair and yet some of the most exhilarating ‘resurrections’,” he said. “Eventually, these events proved to be a powerful seedbed for some of the richest times of ministry and testimonies of grace and faith for all involved. Our United Methodist connection facilitates this in a truly extraordinary and accessible fashion at multiple levels. It is these endeavors, in which we all share, that are among the most powerful and soul-satisfying of our shared life in Christ. I’m both humbled and pleased to step a little closer to all of the recovery efforts happening in Southwest Louisiana as a part of our connection.”          

Rev. Dr. Tom Dolph, a native of Shreveport, is moving north to serve the Monroe and Shreveport Districts.
Rev. Dr. Tom Dolph
"Tom's experience and strong, steady leadership will be of great service to the Monroe and Shreveport Districts," says Bishop Harvey. "He will continue to serve as the Conference Secretary and will provide tremendous leadership to both the district and to the Cabinet."
“Among the great gifts of itineracy are its ability to match gifts and needs; the renewing sense of adventure it offers; and, sometimes, it takes you home!” said Dolph. “I look forward to walking alongside the great pastors and churches of north Louisiana’s Methodism.”
"My prayers of peace and comfort accompany these appointments," said Bishop Harvey. "All three are incredible pastors with an excellent body of work that will only bear even greater fruit in these new settings."
Each of these appointments takes effect July 1.
To follow the appointive process of the Louisiana Conference, please visit the Appointments page, where you can see a list of appointments as they are announced at the local church level. 
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