Being Part of the Solution, Anti-Racism Resources

June 10, 2020
The work of studying and sharing anti-racism is an integral part of our call as Jesus followers. 

We have compiled a list of resources below. We know there are more - many more.

If you have a resource you would like to share or add to this list, please email us

We recognize racism as a sin.

We commit to challenging unjust systems of power and access.

We will work for equal and equitable opportunities in employment and promotion, education and training; in voting, access to public accommodations, and housing; to credit, loans, venture capital, and insurance; to positions of leadership and power in all elements of our life together; and to full participation in the Church and society.



  • Join Church and Society of the United Methodist Church in their work for civil and human rights.
  • Connect with United Methodist Women in their work for racial justice.
  • Show up when invited. Hire people of color. Spend responsibly. Advocate.



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