Announcement to the Lake Charles/Acadiana District from Bishop Delores J. Williamston

May 31, 2023

In a letter dated May 31 to the Lake Charles/Acadiana District, Bishop Delores J. Williamston announced strategic changes to the cabinet of the Louisiana Conference. 

"Greetings. I write to inform you that your current District Superintendent, Rev. Scott Bullock, will be retiring from active ministry effective July 1, 2023. During the appointive process, as I examined the needs of the conference and the clergy available for deployment, I identified a strategic need for Rev. Bullock’s gifts and determined that he was needed back in the local church.

In conversation with Rev. Bullock about the need for his gifts and leadership in the local church, he informed me that rather than return to the local church, he would choose, instead, to retire. While disappointed by his decision, I bless him as he moves forward to this next chapter in his life and work, and I pray God’s blessing on him and his family as he prepares to transition into a retired relationship with the Louisiana Conference.

This decision has created the need to realign the previously announced plan to assign Dr. Francey Hooton to the Alexandria and Monroe Districts. Dr. Hooton will instead be assigned to the Lake Charles-Acadiana District, and Dr. Tom Dolph will continue as the District Superintendent of the Shreveport and Monroe Districts. I have also made the strategic decision to not appoint a fourth District Superintendent. Drs. Hooton and Dolph will share supervisory responsibilities of the Alexandria District."

Rev. Dr. Tom Dolph will be the acting superintendent of the Lake Charles/Alexandria district until the end of June.  


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