'And a child shall lead them...'

March 24, 2018
Bishop Cynthia Fierro Harvey

Today, on my way to the Wesley Center in Woodworth, Louisiana for “Confirmation Day with the Bishop,” I listened to various newscasts prior to the March for Our Lives gatherings happening around the world.

I continued to be amazed and in awe as I listened to interviews with survivors from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and their parents.

My heart ached. Yet, at the same time, I recognized the transformative power of children.

All I could think is, “and a child shall lead them.”

Then, I arrived at the Wesley Center - my heart swelled and the tears flowed as over 300 young people spent the day singing, learning, worshipping and laughing.

Children whose lives are being changed and who are, in their own right, changing the lives of others.

Once again, I imagined the pain of parents, pastors and youth directors from Marjory Stoneman Douglas, Sandy Hook, Columbine and others who will never have these experiences with their youth.

Then, on the way home I listened once again to the inspiring speeches of children from
Washington DC to California and places in between - some as young as 11!

Tears flowed once again!

Clearly, I know there are many responsible gun owners out there and while I don’t know the answer to how to end gun violence and shootings in our schools, I do wonder how many children will have to die before we take a courageous step to bring an end to these senseless deaths.

To say that this is a complex issue is an understatement; yet, we must continue to give voice and more importantly listen to the children who are calling us adults to action.

And a child shall lead them...
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