An Unlikely Experience: Getting Ready for Christmas with Rachel Billups and Matt Rawle

September 27, 2023

How do you prepare for Christmas? Perhaps you spend the months leading up to the holiday bringing out the decorations, making travel plans, tweaking recipes, and attending Advent services.

Free Webinar
Thursday, October 5th—11:00 A.M. CDT

The Advent season is filled with familiar sights and sounds, yet it still surprises us as we’re reminded of the Incarnation—God-in-flesh. The Gospel narratives tell us the story of Jesus’ birth, but we often overlook characters like Zechariah, Elizabeth, and even Herod who each play essential parts in the arrival of Christ. These unlikely players in the Christmas story remind us that God has also invited us to participate in embodying divine love in the world. 

In this webinar, you will: 
  • Gain insights into drawing lesser-known biblical characters into the story 
  • Find ways to experience God through the sights, smells, and sounds of Christmas
  • Be challenged to encounter the Christmas story with fresh eyes
Join Rachel Billups, author of An Unlikely Advent, and Matt Rawle, author of Experiencing Christmas, in this webinar that invites you to prepare for Christ’s arrival in a new way this Advent season.

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