A Word of Thanks from Bishop Delores J. Williamston

Bishop Delores J. Williamston
November 21, 2023

God is God all the time…
And all the time, God is Good!


Greetings Louisiana Conference!

I write this letter with gratitude, reflecting on the many blessings that have graced my life since I arrived in the beautiful state of Louisiana.

My heart is thankful and warmed by your continued hospitality in this tremendous time of transition. And I am honored and blessed by your warmth and acceptance as your bishop of the Louisiana Conference of The United Methodist Church.
My journey to Louisiana, which started right after the Christmas holiday and in the tender moments of the New Year, marked one of the most memorable years I can ever remember.

What a joy it was to transition into the new role of a bishop, acquaint myself with so many pastors, lay leaders, and churches in Louisiana, navigate the highways and bridges of Louisiana, settle into a new residence, and all the while, learn how to pronounce (or mispronounce!) so many Louisiana words and phrases!
Shortly after arriving, we kicked off the “Boots on the Ground Tour” as I visited every district in our Conference. It became a canvas where our stories would interweave. We shared experiences and learned about one another. I am so grateful for your open arms and open hearts – the very embodiment of what it means to love God and neighbor and what it means to be a United Methodist.
We then gathered in New Orleans at historic Lawless Memorial Chapel on the campus of Dillard University for my installation service. It remains an indelible memory. I was deeply moved by the beauty of the service and to experience the tradition of a second line!


In June, we gathered near the river in Baton Rouge for the 2023 Annual Conference, yet another landmark in our journey together. We rejoiced in hope and celebrated the commissioning and ordination of a provisional elder and three deacons.

I was once again astounded by your generosity and fervor for the mission of our Church.

Let us not forget Odin, my beloved Shih Tzu, who has indeed become a furry little celebrity in his own right, indulged with treats and welcomed into more churches than any of his fellow canines in Louisiana!

His joy reflects the love and kindness he has received from each of you.
Above all, I am profoundly thankful to God for the divine protection and grace that has been our guide and our strength.

In our HōPE, we anchor ourselves as we continue transforming the world in Jesus Christ's name.
May our fellowship be a beacon of God's love and grace.

With heartfelt thanks and blessings,

Bishop Delores J. Williamston
Louisiana Conference
The United Methodist Church

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