A Return to the Holy Land

November 02, 2021
Members of the Louisiana Conference, including Bishop Cynthia Fierro Harvey and her husband Dean, are excited and ready to return to the Holy Land. 

The Conference trip departs the USA on January 24, 2022. 

"I invite you to join me on this Holy Land journey that will expand our knowledge of the Bible and this sacred land," says Bishop Harvey. "A journey following in the footsteps of Jesus will change the way you read the Bible, and you will learn why scholars refer to it as the 'Fifth Gospel'." 

Bishop Harvey is aware of concerns related to international travel, in the midst of a pandemic. However, she remains confident that our traveling partner, EO, is incredibly suited for trips just like this. 

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"I trust EO implicitly," says Bishop Harvey. " They will not make the trip if there is inevitable danger. In the numerous times I have traveled to Israel with EO, I have never doubted or feared my safety.  Meanwhile, whether skirmishes or now the pandemic, I am confident that the Israeli government will take every precaution possible to protect pilgrims. You must remember - for many, their livelihood depends on tourism; therefore, they will do everything they can to protect tourists."

Since Israel reopened to tourism on September 19, 2021, until now, EO has sent 12 different groups of pilgrims to the Holy Land.  All have traveled without incident and with no cases of COVID. As with any travel, there are numerous safety protocols in place, all designed to protect the safety of travelers. 

Currently, everyone who enters Israel must be vaccinated, and there is currently a requirement for a booster vaccination. However, EO is expecting that to change since the United States has not yet approved boosters for the general population. 

For more on the travel protocols, please reach out to us, and we can connect you to the proper person of contact inside EO.

"I am very excited to return to the Holy Land," says Bishop Harvey. "It is always a time of deep renewal and reflection. It is also an opportunity to reconnect with special friends we have made over the years. Many of the shop owners and guides will be thrilled to see us. Like all of us, they have missed seeing people. Our visit is a vote of confidence for the people of the region."

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