A Note About Contractor Fraud

August 29, 2020
One of the least expected dangers that follow a storm is fraudulent contractors trying to scam unsuspecting business and homeowners.

They do this by offering to do repairs and asking for upfront payment.

Once they get your money, you will never see them again, or their work will be very shoddy. 
Please know this: United Methodist Disaster Response teams will never ask you for money to repair your home. Period. 
If someone asks you for money to work on your home, claiming to be with the United Methodist Disaster Response, they are NOT who they claim to be.  Do not give them money. 

We are here to help and to do so in the name of Jesus Christ. Our commitment is to your safety, your wholeness as a human being and the integrity of the United Methodist Church. 

If you suspect fraud, please call the local police. 
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