A Gift Two Years in the Making

February 24, 2019
Most of the 864 delegates arriving in St. Louis, Missouri for the Special Called Session of the General Conference, have been focused on the hard work ahead regarding the issue of human sexuality.

And while Louisiana delegate Dr. Sarah Kreutziger is absolutely focused on the mission ahead, she admits there was another objective. 

"I met Rev. Aldolphe Kitenge Mukaya from the North Katanga Conference in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 2016 at General Conference," Sarah says. "I have held on to his business card ever since."

There was a reason she held on to his business card. 

Both Rev. Mukaya and Dr. Kreutziger served on a legislative task force at the 2016 General Conference and it was during that work that Sarah began to hear of the great work being done in the Congo and the great need.

At the time, neither knew that their meeting would result in a ministry that would span the miles from Louisiana to Africa and last two years.

But if you know Sarah, you know how her passion likely turns into action.  

Although neither spoke the other’s language, they exchanged emails over a three year period, allowing each of them to mutually share their love of mission.

When Sarah learned of the explosive outreach in the African nation, she was able to turn to Mulholland's Mission Committee and the UMW’s (United Methodist Women) successful fundraising from their annual White Elephant Sale to ask for resources to enable Rev. Kitenge’s pastors and their spouses to do even more. 

In time, the UMW gave $500 for two bicycles and the Mission Committee contributed $700 for a desperately needed computer for the District Office.

While Sarah made sure to pack for the cold temperatures here in St. Louis, she also made sure to make room in her bags for the computer and carried both gifts with her to the Special Season 2019 General Conference.

As she entered the enormous Dome in St. Louis, she made sure to scan the floor for Rev. Kitenge. 

It was a reunion two years in the making and made extra special when Sarah was able to present the much-needed funds and a brand new computer.    

Other monies previously raised by the Metairie Church for the Congo were sent through the GBGM with the assistance of the Rev Yollande Yembo.

Sarah’s pastor, the Rev Jonathan Beck remarked, “they will do a great deal with so little that it is our honor to be able to help.”
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