Hudson provides chalk recording during GC2016

May 16, 2016
Lauren Hudson, currently serving as an intern for the LSU Wesley Foundation in Baton Rouge, is still basking in the excitement of having provided her chalk recording at General Conference 2016 during Bishop Cynthia Fierro Harvey’s sermon the morning of May 16 in Portland, Oregon.
“I was very honored to be able to go, and to actually get to share that (chalk recording) with the United Methodist world!,” she said.
When she got the call from Bishop Harvey inviting her to go to Portland, Lauren was quite surprised. “It was incredible. I was planning on finding a way to General Conference, anyway, because I really wanted to be there. So when the Bishop called, it was without hesitation that I said ‘Yes.’ I got tears in my eyes and started jumping up and down. It was the best day, ever,” she said.
Lauren’s love of art grew as she took Art classes both in middle school and in high school. By the time she got to college, she began to incorporate her love of calligraphy in unexpected ways. “At the Wesley Foundation, we would write messages on chalk boards on the wall. These messages started out as announcements, then developed into posting quotes. Since I have decent handwriting, I started incorporating a calligraphy style on the chalk boards. And it kind of grew from there.”
The Zachary native, who is a member of First United Methodist Church in Baton Rouge, is excited about the opportunity to bring a visual, artistic representation to speeches and sermons offered during AC2016: Rooted and Grounded. For the second year in a row, Lauren Hudson will be providing graphic recording in chalk during annual conference.
Be sure to look for Lauren at the nearest chalkboard during AC2016!
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