Magnolia UMC donates pet rescue masks to Central Fire Department

November 09, 2015
Central's firefighters will soon have a new life-saving tool in their fire trucks--oxygen masks for pets.
The rescue masks are a gift of the congregation of Magnolia United Methodist Church, 16024 Greenwell Springs Rd. in Central. These masks fit cats and dogs and will be used by the Central Fire Department to save the lives of pets suffering from smoke inhalation.
"Magnolia's children's ministry helped to raise the funds to buy the masks," said Rev. Susie Thomas, pastor, who along with children from the church, presented the masks on Nov. 7 to Captain Robin Dix at the fire station on Sullivan Road. Two of the oxygen mask kits will remain at the Sullivan Road station, while three more will go to other Central fire stations for their use. A member of Magnolia UMC also bought and donated a pet-mask kit to the Cheneyville Fire Station.

In the photos, Captain Dix demonstrates on a stuffed dog how firefighters fit the masks over an animal’s face to revive them after they have suffered smoke inhalation in a fire; and members of Magnolia UMC’s children’s ministry perch on the bumper of a fire truck at the Sullivan Road fire station.
A total of $300 was collected  during an offering for the five oxygen mask kits taken on Oct. 4, the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi, patron saint of animals and pets.
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