2020 Wesley Awards

November 11, 2019
We will once again celebrate innovative ministry happening across our Conference during Annual Conference 2019.

Is there a mission, outreach, project, or program from within your congregation or community that has transformed your church and your community? 

If so, tell us about it!

We will consider you and your church for a Wesley Award.

Nominations close February 29, 2020.
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The purpose of the Wesley Awards is to affirm and celebrate ministries from around the Conference that are creatively, innovatively and faithfully making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Much like last year, Wesleys will be awarded throughout Annual Conference, as we highlight ministries that embody the bold and imaginative makeup of The United Methodist Church in Louisiana.

What We Look For

The Design Committee is looking for ministries that lead others to an abundant life in Christ, engage the community in significant ways, tell the Gospel story in creative ways, and seek to reach new people.

Each entrant is asked to consider how the ministry led others to an abundant life in Christ, engaged the community locally and globally in significant ways, told the Gospel story to the nations and/or reached out and drew in people from all walks of life.

We also invite each ministry to include a one-minute video introducing us to the ministry and highlighting the significant impact the ministry is making. This is not required, simply an invitation.

What's With the Bobbleheads?

Several years ago, Bishop Cynthia Fierro Harvey had the idea to highlight unique and successful ministry projects throughout the Annual Conference. We even highlighted them with an awards night, complete with formal attire. It was a thing. 

But what would the Annual Conference design team give the award winners?

A boring certificate?

No indeed.

In a committee meeting, someone from the back of the room sheepishly suggested, "How 'bout a John Wesley bobblehead?"

"Wait - do those actually exist?," someone asked.

In a matter of seconds, the entire room went to their laptops and Googled "John Wesley bobbleheads" and sure enough, they exist.

Someone then said, "Good idea, but to make this a great idea, we need to spray paint them gold."

All at once, the entire room screamed (practically in unison), "Genius!" 

The next day, a group of folks headed to the local paint shop. After throwing the doors open with a bit of flair, they exclaimed, "We need your finest gold paint, for we are painting John Wesley!"

The clerk asked, "Who is John Wesley?"

"He was a theologian and evangelist," said the volunteer. "And his heart was strangely warmed."

The clerk said, "Well, strange is one way to put it - this is a strange request. Does Wesley know he is going to be spray painted?"

"No," said the volunteer. "But he totally gets grace and he'd be super cool with this idea!"

The above story is not true. Obviously, we are having fun with the bobbleheads. In all seriousness, we hope the festive idea of a gold bobblehead helps elevate these award-winning ministries that have impacted our Conference.  

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