Funds raised, kits collected for 75th anniversary of UMCOR

June 22, 2015

In recognition of UMCOR’s 75th anniversary, a total of $53,246.64 was collected through worship and individual offerings during AC2015: Come and See. An additional $5,100 was raised for UMCOR by the sale of a Community Mural, which was collaboratively created by conference members during AC2015.

Also, 603 health kits and 817 school kits, along with surplus supplies for school kits, were collected during AC2015 for the UMCOR Sager Brown Depot in Baldwin, La, In addition, local churches donated gifts of $2,878 to go toward the assembling of kits and gave $836.07 for toothpaste and shipping.

“Please pass on my sincere thanks to the Louisiana Annual Conference for the donations of health and school kits during this year’s meeting. Also, we have over 13,000 cleaning buckets at the Sager Brown depot and stand ready to respond to the flooding in Louisiana when requested,” wrote Kathy Kraiza, executive director of relief supplies for UMCOR at Sager Brown Depot.

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