Pastors: Don't forget to recycle!

June 16, 2015

Clair Carter, the new Wesley Foundation director at Northwestern State University, has a reminder to pastors to recycle items as they pack and move.

Recycle your old electronics! Diverting e-waste from our landfills helps protect our environment and conserve resources. For every 1,000 cell phones we recycle, 35 pounds of copper, 12 ounces of silver, 1 ounce of gold, and ½ ounce of palladium can be recovered. Recycling 1,000 laptops saves the energy equivalent to the electricity used by three Louisiana homes in an entire year. E-recycling by certified recyclers ensures that valuable materials are not wasted, and that toxic materials are not landfilled or incinerated.

Here are two links for recycling electronics:

Also, the Wesley Center in Natchitoches is going to set up a bike-sharing program for the campus. If you have a bike you would like to donate, please be looking for an announcement in late July about a bike collection weekend. And for folks in the Shreveport area, Grace Community UMC is accepting bikes now to be stored in their warehouse.

If you have questions, please contact Clair at

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