Free clothes closet assists residents of Dulac-Grand Caillou

May 04, 2015

While local shrimpers were preparing for harvest, and others were simply enjoying the beautiful weather, United Methodist volunteers were hosting a free clothes closet at Clanton Chapel UMC in Dulac.

With the help of Rev. Wayne Taylor and Luling UMC, clothes were collected, sorted and displayed at Clanton Chapel for distribution to residents in need from the Dulac-Grand Caillou area.

In an effort to reach the least connected and those who had no means to get help from agencies during the week, members of Clanton Chapel opened the doors of the church on Saturday and Sunday to reach needy people in the area.

"One man came looking for long-sleeved shirts. He had just gotten a job and was starting work Monday, but could not afford to go to Houma to buy some work shirts. He was well pleased as someone had sent items from a work clothes company that fit him just right!," said Rev. Kirby Virret, pastor of Clanton Chapel UMC.

Although the event was publicized through Facebook and other media, many commented that it was the sign of welcome on the side of the road and a sign that read "Free Clothes" that drew their attention (even the "old standards" still work!)

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