District Superintendent to do 'Double-Duty'

March 10, 2015

In a time when human and fiscal resources are limited yet the work of ministry before us continues to grow, many of our key leaders are taking on double-duty.
In an attempt to invest significantly in the development of new faith communities, the bishop has appointed Rev. John Cannon to a dual appointment. Rev. Cannon will be transitioning into this work over the next few months and will assume full responsibility July 1, 2015.  Rev Cannon will continue to serve the Acadiana District as superintendent while assuming additional responsibilities for Congregational Development. He will work closely with the District Superintendents as they serve as missional strategists for their respective districts. Superintendents will be the key point persons for new faith development in their districts. In addition, a team of lay and clergy will serve as as advisors to Rev. Cannon and the Annual Conference as they work toward fulfillment of the Conference mission, vision and preferred future.  
This is an experiment! While unprecedented in Louisiana, dual appointments such as this have become more common in other parts of the United Methodist connection. This unprecedented decision will allow the Conference to invest more fully and directly in the development of new faith communities. This is not a long term decision but one that will serve the Conference for a two- to three-year period of time as the leadership for this work blossoms.
Bishop Harvey continues to remind the Annual Conference that it is okay to take risks. This is one of those opportunities. We know that with risk could come failure, but it could also produce great fruit and an opportunity to learn. 
Rev. Cannon will have a structure in place that is designed to allow him to utilize his gifts and graces in both areas. Practically speaking, he will have staff support to help in the day-to-day execution of this important ministry as well as that of the superintendency.
The bishop and cabinet covet your prayers as they continue to best steward the resources of the Annual Conference.   

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