Searching for Bomb-Diggity ministries!

April 08, 2014
Has your local United Methodist church created a ministry that has met the needs of the surrounding community in a dramatically different way?
Is there an initiative that your congregation has started that is uniquely touching lives and bringing others to Christ?
Is there a project or program, or even a difference in focus, that has changed the strength of your church’s impact on the lives of others? Placing the needs and interests of people before the needs and interests of the institution?
Then we want to hear from your church! We are looking for inspirational examples of ministry that incorporate the core values of the Louisiana Annual Conference—unrelenting love for all people, courage and risk, holding nothing sacred but the mission, accountability and integrity.
During the 2013 Louisiana Annual Conference in Shreveport, Bishop Cynthia Fierro Harvey introduced the term “Bomb-Diggity,” using it interchangeably with “excellence.” As she said, churches should be the “Bomb-Diggity!”
We will recognize the “Bomb-Diggidiest” of ministry at this year’s Annual Conference session June 8-11!
So, if your church is the “Bomb-Diggity,” we would love to hear from you. Tell us your ministry story by filling out this form, and copying and pasting it into an email, or use the information below as your guide for sending in information to the conference. Send it no later than May 10 to at
Our Bomb-Diggity Ministry Story 
  • Church
  • District/Address
  • Pastor/Cell phone
  • Number of members
  • Name of ministry/project/program/initiative
  • Frequency (i.e. one time, ongoing, seasonal)
  • When did the ministry begin? (must have been started no later than 2013)
  • How many people are impacted by the ministry?
  • Please describe the ministry, how it works, how it is meeting needs, how it is impacting the community and your church, and how it is unique. How does your ministry incorporate the Core Values of the Louisiana Annual Conference-- unrelenting love for all people, courage and risk, holding nothing sacred but the mission, accountability and integrity?


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