Methodist Children's Home, Trinity UMC 'really rock'

October 30, 2013
Caption: Rick Wheat, Children's Home President/CEO on the left and Rev. Jerry Hilbun, Pastor of Trinity UMC on the right.

Ruston, LA – Members of Trinity United Methodist Church in Ruston recently donated 50 rocking chairs to the youth at Louisiana Methodist Children’s Home. Trinity’s Outreach Committee sponsored the project and the congregation generously responded by contributing the funds necessary to purchase the chairs.

In accepting this large donation, Children’s Home President and CEO Rick Wheat said, “These rocking chairs will have an incredibly positive effect on our campus. Our youth face significant emotional and behavioral challenges and the motion of rocking has been shown to affect the brain in a way that soothes, calms and contributes to a positive mood. In addition to the therapeutic benefits, the chairs also give our whole campus a greater feel of home.”

Trinity UMC staff, representatives of Trinity's Outreach Committee, and Louisiana Methodist Children's Home staff are pictured as follows:
Seated: Jennifer Betts, Amy Stegall, Jean Moore
Standing: Rick Wheat, Jerry Hilbun, Gary Strebeck, Steve Betts, Jim Moore, Howard Hines

Jean and Jim Moore and Jennifer and Steve Betts, representatives of Trinity’s Outreach Committee, visited the Ruston campus Oct. 21 to see the rocking chairs in action. They were joined by Rev. Jerry Hilbun, Trinity's senior pastor, and Amy Stegall, minister of Nurture and Assimilation. Jean Moore acknowledged the contribution of Cracker Barrel in West Monroe which provided the chairs by saying, “We are so appreciative of Cracker Barrel. They were extremely accommodating and easy to work with, and they were very generous to offer the chairs at a discount.”

Rev. Hilbun, referring to the ongoing support of Trinity for the ministry of the Children’s Home, declared, “The Children’s Home and Trinity really rock!”

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